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How to Choose a Commercial Refrigerator or Commercial Freezer Compressor

For those buying commercial refrigeration for the first time, browsing the selection of units available can be a maze of confusing and unrecognizable terms. Among the most primary of options are the “top-mount refrigerator” and the “bottom-mount refrigerator.” That’s a choice that may leave many new to the world of restaurant equipment wondering what the difference is […]

Commercial Range Buyer’s Guide

Commercial ranges are the workhorse of any commercial kitchen. These are versatile pieces of cooking equipment that can perform virtually any cooking task, including frying, sautéing, steaming, simmering, boiling, blanching, braising, and stewing. Commercial ranges with an oven base also allow you to bake, roast, and broil, depending on the type of oven that your […]

Super Angel Juicer Video Review

Join us as we demo and test the Super Angel Juicer on beets, carrots, celery and apples. We also show the ease of making almond milk with this juicer! In the introduction we talk about the four different models of the Super Angel Juicer to help you decide which model is best for you. We […]

Ceado ES-700 juicer video review + FAQ

Ever since we introduced the Ceado line of commercial juicers, we have been getting inquiries left and right about their performance. We decided to test the largest of the two centrifugal Ceado juicers, the ES-700, and the results are in! The Ceado line of juicers is extremely powerful and a great investment for any juice […]

How to Open a Juice Bar in 12 Steps

How to Open a Juice Bar in 12 Steps Opening a juice bar is an extremely rewarding experience that can be very lucrative and improve the health around your community. Your juice bar will need creative marketing, a good location, and great equipment. Startup costs can be as low as $15k or as high as […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Kuvings CS700 Commercial Cold Press Juicer

Plant Based Pros has been getting a ton of questions about the newest commercial cold press juicer on the market – the Kuvings CS700. Restaurants and juice bars do not have many options for cold press juicers that are suitable for commercial use and are NSF certified. The Kuvings CS700 fills this gap and this […]

The Best Way to Juice Celery

Learn how to juice celery with the Kuvings EVO820! Dee from Plant Based Pros shows you how easy it is to make celery juice. This is perfect for anyone who wants the health benefits of one of the most popular juices available. She uses the Kuvings EVO820 to quickly separate the juice from the pulp […]

Why You Need Cashew Cheese (and easy, unsoaked cashew cheese recipe)

Contrary to popular belief, being Plant Based or Vegan doesn’t mean that you miss out on all the cheesy recipes that non-vegans eat. There are tons of dairy free options at grocery stores. Most are loaded with unhealthy preservatives and ingredients that I cannot even pronounce. Nut cheese, when made with plant-based ingredients, is not […]

Mockmill 100 Grain Mill Video Review

Learn about the Mockmill 100 – the latest grain mill from the line of Mockmill grain mills. This grain mill is designed by the legendary Wolfgang Mock. Dee, from Plant Based Pros, provides a thorough overview of the very popular Mockmill 100.