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Electric Ranges

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These commercial electric ranges use electricity instead of gas, so you don’t have to worry about hooking them up to a gas line.

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Gas Ranges

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Commercial gas ranges hook up to your gas supply, allowing you to perform many cooking tasks. Some units feature an oven base or griddle top.

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Salamander Broiler and Cheese Melter

13 Products

Salamander broilers provide versatility prized in many commercial kitchens, with the ability to prepare, finish, and hold a number of dishes.

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Countertop Warmers

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A great option for concession stands, self-serve stations, and buffet lines, a food warmer will help keep contents at a desirable serving temperature through the entirety of your event.

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Commercial Countertop Fryers

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Countertop frying units give operators versatility without sacrificing valuable kitchen floor space. If you only need small amounts of fried food, a countertop deep fryer enables you to offer select fried foods on your menu without making them a staple of your establishment.

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