Cookline CF40-NG 16″ Natural Gas Tube Standing 40 lb. Commercial Deep Fryer – (90,000 BTU)

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Product Documents

  • 3 tubes stainless steel oil heater
  • Stainless steel front and galvanized sides
  • Cast iron vertical burner each 30,000 BTU/Hr
  • Thermostat (200°F to 400°F) controlled
  • Open S/S fryer pot with cold zone
  • Standby S/S pilot for easy start
  • Set of casters included
  • Millivolt control valve
  • Prompt response thermostat ensures fast temp recovery
  • 450°F hi-limit for safety
  • 1-1/4″ full port drain valve
  • Stainless steel handle for bottom oven
  • S/S heater exchanger with baffle for high efficiency
  • S/S hanger plate at the back
  • Two fryer baskets
  • 1 year parts manufacturer warranty

Note: This product cannot be shipped to Washington, Montana, Oregon, or California or to residential addresses


This durable and reliable natural gas fryer is essential to commercial kitchens that serve hot, fresh fried foods. It delivers 90,000 BTU worth of power for high-volume diners, cafeterias, and quick service restaurants. Long lasting bafflers that are mounted in the heat exchange tubes ensure maximum combustion efficiency, thus allowing for a faster operation. Whats more, the standing pilot light provides a ready flame whenever heat is required. This unit comes with a 3/4″ NPT rear gas connection.

40 lb. Tank Capacity
This unit has a 40 lb. capacity, which is just ideal for dinners, cafeterias, and small restaurants to keep producing basket after basket of fried goodies. Whats more, the double twin fryer baskets are made-for-convenience with a stainless steel basket hanger it allows your staff to start frying immediately by filling the tank.

Maintenance Friendly
This stainless steel turkey fryer is super easy to set up, use, and maintain. The cold zone at the bottom of the tank prevents crumbs and debris from burning, thus helping extend the oil life and keep your fried treats tasting great. The basket hangers can be removed for thorough cleaning. And in the case you need to move the unit for cleaning or maintenance service, the optional casters provide easy maneuverability.

Safety First
Integrated safety is part of what makes the CF-40-NG a reliable stainless steel deep fryer for restaurant kitchens. An integrated control valve prevents gas from flowing to the main burner until the pilot is established and automatically shuts off whenever the pilot goes out. There is also a 450°F Hi-limit switch that will turn the gas off whenever the oil temperature goes past the upper limit, adding an extra layer of safety to this gas deep fryer.

Durable Unit
The CF-40-NG is built with a stainless steel cabinet, front, back, and tank. This allows for greater durability and corrosion resistant – elongating the units service life. The nickel plated dual fry baskets are also durable and designed to withstand the hustle and bustle in a commercial kitchen.

Millivolt Control Valve

Equipped with user-friendly millivolt controls, so your staff can adjust the unit’s temperature within the 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit range.

Powerful 3 Heating Tubes

3 heating tubes deliver 90,000 BTU of power, allowing your restaurant or diner to keep up with customer orders.

2 Wire Mesh Fry Baskets included

Allows you to simultaneously cook different products, with coated handles providing heat protecting and reducing risk of burns. It also comes with basket hangers where you can hang your baskets to cool or drain the excess oil while you finish up other tasks in the kitchen.

1-1/4″ Full Port Drain Valve

Unit includes a 1-1/4″ full port drain valve that will make oil removal a bliss so your staff can work faster to keep up with daily demands in your diner.


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Product Documents